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Motorcycle Accident Case - Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

Florida Law Firm for Injured Bikers

Motorcycle accidents are among the most common and devastating types of motor vehicle accidents in Florida and across the United States. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers who are legally responsible for compensating the bikers they injure.

At the Law Office of Hugh James McDonnell, P.A., in Orlando, we are devoted to pursuing fair compensation for injured motorcyclists. Attorney Hugh James McDonnell is a Harley owner who has been riding for years, so he understands the dangers bikers face.

Contact us to arrange a free attorney consultation. You will pay no fees or costs unless we obtain compensation for you.

Examining the Details of Each Accident Case

Unfortunately, many car and truck drivers treat motorcyclists as second-class citizens on the road. Many have developed disrespect for bikers as a group because they have seen one or two bad apples zipping through traffic recklessly.

But regardless of their personal prejudices, other drivers have a responsibility to avoid causing accidents, which includes a responsibility to keep an eye out for all types of vehicles that may be on the road, including motorcycles.

The fact that a car or truck driver says he or she didn’t see you is no excuse, as long as that driver had a reasonable opportunity to see you. Nor does the fact that you were not wearing a helmet (which you are not required to do in Florida) mean you are not entitled to compensation for any injuries you may have suffered in a crash.

After any motorcycle accident under any circumstances, it is always best to contact a lawyer for a skilled evaluation as to if you have a valid personal injury claim.

Representing Visitors Injured on Florida Roads

In addition to representing residents of Florida, our law firm is also experienced at representing out-of-state bikers, including bikers attending local events such as Biketoberfest and Daytona Beach Bike Week. If you were injured in Florida, you will want an attorney who knows the local laws and is licensed to practice locally.

We will inform you, based on the facts of your case, as to whether we believe you have a legal claim, and discuss your options with you. Contact us today to discuss your potential motorcycle accident claim.

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