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Amputation / Loss of Limb Case - Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

Pursuing Compensation for People With Severe Bodily Injuries

If you have lost a limb¬†as a result of¬†a car accident or other incident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are probably wondering how you are going to adjust to your condition. You may be unable to go back to your job,¬†and you may need substantially modified¬†accommodations, at work and¬†at home.

Receiving financial compensation from the responsible party can assist you in making the transition to your new circumstances. At the Law Office of Hugh James McDonnell, P.A., in Orlando, Florida, we represent people seeking monetary damages for loss of limb suffered as a result of an accident.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with experienced personal injury lawyer Hugh James McDonnell. You will pay no fees or costs unless we obtain compensation for you.

Helping Clients Cope With Amputation Consequences

Traumatic accidents such as auto collisions often result in fractures and/or infections that require one or more limbs to be amputated. Loss of limb through amputation is a major life adjustment for anyone who experiences it, and can create problems for those associated with the victim, as well.

If you have lost an arm or a leg in an accident, it is in your best interest to consult an attorney immediately concerning your options for pursuing compensation.

People who have lost limbs generally require extensive medical treatment, including rehabilitation and therapy. They often experience reductions in their earning potential and their ability to care for their families. They also experience pain and suffering and a decrease in their quality of life.

No amount of money can restore what you have lost, but financial compensation can play an important role in the process of coping with the consequences of your injuries.

Pursuing the Compensation You Deserve

Our firm works with medical experts, life care planners and other professionals to determine the extent of the injuries our clients have suffered, as well as the long-term consequences of those injuries. We aggressively pursue compensation from the responsible parties and their insurance companies, taking cases to trial if necessary.

Contact us today to discuss your options for making a personal injury claim for damages related to a loss of limb as a consequence of an accident.

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